IF Remote Vision

Custom remote assist application for HoloLens 2 that can be run in a private network environment or hosted on private servers.


IF Remote Vision is a product that improves communication and information access for field technicians. Users can call other employees to get their advice or to discuss the problem. Remote workers use HoloLens 2 device that allows them to share audio and video or send pictures of broken parts or place of incident. Other employees use client applications on their laptops for communication and file sharing.

Key features

  • Hands-free video and audio sharing that can be activated with voice command
  • The video stream is optimized for image quality and readability
  • Pictures can be taken during the conversation for documentation or audit needs
  • The field technician can receive technical documents, manuals or diagrams when needed
  • Ability to set markers at specific objects around the field technician


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