We are experimenting with new technologies like Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. We search for new possibilities to make work easier or to experience immersive play.

Spatial understanding

We specialize in technologies that uses and enhance physical space with augmented information. We develop solutions that are on the edge of real and virtual world.

POC Development

We provide technical knowledge, VR/AR/MR workshops and deliver customized prototypes to customer’s needs.


We stay focused on experiments with 3 technologies:

Virtual Reality

This technology is perfect to visualize architectural forms, immersive games, or 360-movies. Realistic computer graphics, allows to see stars on the sky of other planet, without need to move from the couch.

Augumented Reality

This is the best option if we don’t want to lose eyes contact with our real world, but we would like to enhance it with some useful info like, driving directions, next tasks, or price of product that we have in the hand.

Mixed Reality

Mix of both previous technologies, that allows better precision of holographic objects in real world. They seems to be real objects, that are occluded by physical objects. This kind of view is more intuitive and readable for human operator.

Our Services

"Technology is the answer. But what was the question?"

Cedric Price

Our recent work